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Together, we’ll create awesome graphics that boost your brand and connect with your target audience.

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Hosea Georgeson drawing vintage style car artwork on an ipad

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How We Do It


After our introductory call or email, I gather as much information as possible to understand your vision, preferences, and goals for the illustration. This is where you can share as many specific details, style inspirations, or color preferences you can bring to mind. I'll begin sharing rough sketches and concepts till we land on a solid direction.

Hosea Georgeson sketching loose linework for an illustration on an ipad


Once I nail the perfect rough sketch layout for your illustration I will begin bringing the vision to life. I'll finalize the linework and get the art ready for color.

A man holding an ipad with black and white hand drawn artwork on the screen


Here is when the illustration starts to jump off the page and come together. In this step I prepare the art to be moved into the final software for finishing touches. I'll nail the colors down, and polish up the work.

Hosea Georgeson coloring an illustration for Auburn Cruise Nite on an ipad

Website design

Give your customers something tangible to keep, and make your brand unforgettable. Partner with EDIFY&co. for your illustration and graphic design needs, whether it is one-off or ongoing.

Three screenshots of websites designed by Edify & co side by side

Typography / final touches

This final step is where I add in the typography or get the artwork prepped for print! I'll finalize the artwork and make sure it exceeds expectations. These pieces are my pride and joy, so I want the recipients to be blown away by the quality and creativity.

Hosea Georgeson Designing Auburn Cruise Nite shirts on a computer screen

Let's Team Up

Ready to dive in? Send me a message, and let's get creating.

Work with us
A black shirt on a desk with vintage style car artwork printed on the back